Guarantee investment, two mistakes, dividend insurance, obvi

[Abstract] As one of the three golden flowers in the insurance industry, the “dividend insurance” has great advantages in both aspects of securing investment. Compared with traditional insurance products, it also has high transparency and is the “new fashion” of insurance products.

(1) New concept products on the mainland, in line with international trends.

is an important symbol of the insurance industry's integration with the international market. It will be the "new fashion" of the life insurance product market. It belongs to the financial products that link the insurance company's operating results with the customers' interests, and meets the current demand for diversified financial services.

(b) has the dual functions of security and investment.

1, the guarantee function is not weakened, this is the commitment to the basic needs of customers;

2, the traditional products have a fixed predetermined interest rate, the distribution of benefits is basically fixed, and the dividend insurance is in addition to guaranteeing the predetermined interest rate, According to the operation of the dividend insurance business, the dividend distribution can be determined;

3 not only takes risks for the customers, but also expands the profit margin for the customers.

(c) The product has high transparency.

has a higher transparency than traditional products, and the company sends a dividend report to the policy holder at least once a year.

(4) Experts manage money, effectively control investment risks, focus on capturing profit opportunities, and customers are expected to enjoy higher returns.

1, independent investment account, expert financial management, safe and efficient operation of funds, both investment funds and investment bonds; can operate in the first-level field, can also operate in the second-level field, the investment channel is smooth, and the investment method is quite flexible.

2, compared with ordinary investors, experts have higher investment professionalism and information adequacy, which can reduce investment risks, increase profit opportunities, and share investment returns between customers and companies.