Middle-class couple financial insurance and stock funds in p

[Case Description]: Ms. 26, I have social security, medical insurance, and public institutions, with an annual income of 37,000. Husband 29, civil servants, with social security and medical insurance, 45,000 a year. The couple has a deposit of 230,000, and plans to deposit for 5 years. There is a house with a current price of 800,000. It is not renovated, and there are 250,000 foreign debts when buying a house.

[Financial Goals]: raises the money to decorate the house next year, prepares to have children in two years, and buys a car in about 5 years.

[Financial advice]: Ms. Xu and her husband work stably and have high safety. It is recommended that Ms. Xu can withdraw about 4 months of living expenses for 10,000 or so as a family emergency reserve for cash needs in family diseases or other special emergencies. This part of the funds should be replenished immediately after they are taken. 10,000 funds can be divided into two parts, 7000 investment currency funds, 3000 deposits as demand deposits, which not only meets liquidity, but also pays attention to profitability.

Considering the actual financial situation of Ms. Xu, Ms. Xu is recommended to return the arrears first. The amount owed is still 250,000. It can be repaid by the loan of 220,000 after the emergency reserve is added, plus 30,000 of the first year's surplus funds totaling 250,000.

After repaying the arrears, the living expenses will be moderately compressed, but there is no need to compress too much, so as to avoid a significant decline in the quality of life.

The annual savings will be deducted from insurance 8000, the next year from 10,000 childcare expenses, the third year of the children's education reserve investment of 6000, the remaining funds invested in stock funds. After the goal of buying a car at the end of the third year, the fourth year will mainly invest in pension reserves.

Ms. Xu has social insurance and medical insurance, stable work and relatively good welfare. It is recommended that Ms. Xu should provide protection for major diseases and accidents for both husband and wife, so as to protect the lives of the elderly and children in the event of a major accident.