What kind of life-long financial insurance is good?

There is a new choice for buying annuity insurance. In the context of “running” into an aging society, Life launched “Lifetime Annuity Insurance (Dividends)” to meet the growing insurance needs of the public.

“ ” is a life-long financial insurance plan that can be insured from 0 to 55 weeks. It can provide solutions for children's education, pension, accident protection and critical illness protection for people of different ages. The dividend-based product design allows customers to share the benefits of the insurance company while sharing the operating results of the insurance company in the form of dividends. The reporter was informed that since the launch of Life Insurance-type insurance products, Life has more than 8 million customers.

At present, most of the annuity insurance products on the life insurance market have clearly agreed on the end of the contract. As human lifespan continues to increase, the demand for lifelong annuity products is increasing. The customer of “ ” from the 60th to the lifetime, can receive 20% of the insurance amount every year, as a pension, and guarantee to receive 20 years, truly let the cash flow and the same length, realize “paying money for a while and receiving money for a lifetime”.

Life insurance has very good financial security, but since the general annuity insurance must wait until after a fixed period of time, the liquidity of funds is relatively poor. “ ” From the second year of the contract’s effective date, the survival fund will be paid annually according to 10% of the insurance amount; during the payment period, from the second year, the annual premium will be paid 2% of the current premium to encourage customers to continue to pay. During the payment period, a special fee of 50% of the current insurance premium will be paid every five years to reduce the pressure on payment. If these "revenues" are not collected, they can enter the "Wealth Gold Account" and enjoy the monthly compound interest accumulation, which can be used when needed.

In addition, in order to meet the diverse needs of customers, "" also offers a variety of options. After 60, customers can choose to receive 20% of the annual insurance premium for life, or they can choose to receive them at 60 weeks, so that customers can control them on demand. This product also has the function of adding an account, which is equivalent to providing an open fund management tool to help customers manage their finances.

The core function of insurance is to protect, in addition to the common personal risk protection, set up exclusive risk-added insurance to provide major disease risk protection. At the same time, the policy also attaches the insured person's accidental death or high-disability exemption function. If the insured person is unfortunate due to accidental death or high disability during the payment period, the remaining unpaid premium will be waived, and the insurance liability will continue to be effective. Reflect the value of insurance protection.