Does family property insurance protect your home?

In the early morning of January 11, a fire broke out in the ancient city of Dukezong, Shangri-La, Diqing. According to preliminary statistics, the affected area amounted to about 40,000 square meters, 2,600 people were affected, and 242 houses were burnt down. The economic loss caused by the fire may exceed 100 million. On January 14th, a big fire broke out in the shoe factory, causing 16 deaths... As the Spring Festival approached, fires became the main hidden danger in addition to theft, which brought potential threats to family property.

A previous survey by the Insurance Institute showed that the coverage rate of regional family wealth insurance was only 4%. Zhongmin Insurance Network experts reminded that the Spring Festival is approaching, because the fire caused by fireworks and the risk of theft due to no one in the holiday home and the bursting of plumbing pipes will be greatly improved, it is necessary to purchase an insurance for their home.

For the protection of fire insurance, the author searched the China Civil Insurance Online for an insurance family property fire protection plan ( ), 75 per copy, specifically for houses and their indoor accessories, interior decoration, furniture and other items caused by fire and explosion. Fire damage is provided for living appliances, household appliances, sports and entertainment products, clothing and bedding. In addition, the insurer may also compensate within a certain limit to prevent or reduce the necessary and reasonable expenses incurred in financial losses. However, the fire family wealth insurance only protects the city's self-occupied commercial housing, and does not build houses, collective property rights, small property houses and indoor property.

It is understood that some insurance companies have launched DIY family wealth insurance for consumers to purchase diversified needs of family wealth insurance for fire prevention, anti-theft and earthquake prevention. For example, Huaan Ting Property ( ) protection plan, consumers can freely choose in the rental project, plumbing pipe burst, indoor property theft, cash jewelry, digital products, housing and decoration, furniture and other security items and guarantees, and special earthquakes. Two major natural disasters and tsunami, the maximum insured amount of housing can reach 3 million. At the same time, in response to the characteristics of frequent holiday accidents, the amount of insurance coverage will automatically increase by 10%, and the house will be safely protected.

For those looking for a cost-effective customer, consider comprehensive housing insurance, 13 guarantees for a whole year, covering family property (houses, indoor property, interior decoration), rental expenses and third party liability. Each household can insure multiple copies at the same time, but the total amount of insurance does not exceed the actual value of the insurance property, and the excess is invalid.

The China Civil Insurance Network expert said that the current family property insurance premiums on the field are relatively low, ranging from a dozen to a few hundred. The guarantee period is usually one year. Online purchase of family wealth insurance can choose more products, low cost, hundreds of expenses can be a "safety lock" for family wealth, it is very necessary.