Investing in P2P financing is being cheated, how to avoid ho

I. Investors should keep a clear head and pay attention to protect personal privacy.

Pay attention to anti-virus and certification for unfamiliar websites. Be more cautious when asked to provide ID card, mobile phone number, credit card and other information. Prevent fraudsters from using personal information to defraud funds. Investors must always maintain a peace of mind, and must be vigilant against high-yield Internet financial products. Investors should also strengthen their professional knowledge. It is important to keep your eyes open and invest in basic financial knowledge and comprehensive understanding of the situation. Investors should look for formal channels when purchasing online wealth management products, depending on whether the company is a regular wealth management company. For companies engaged in gold and foreign exchange business, not only should they check their business licenses, but they can also go directly to the official website to check whether they have trading qualifications. Only when investors increase their awareness of self-prevention can they really prevent such cases from happening again.

Second, strengthen financial supervision

Website, print media, education, propaganda, and guidance on legal issues, investment channels, investment hotspots, and typical crimes in the financial sector. Judging from the judicial practice, it is often the case that the investor's economic damage is reported to be deceived and reported, but the relevant authorities have taken the initiative to find out that there are very few cases. In fact, the content of these companies that are widely publicized on the Internet can be searched at random, and you can see the illegal traces that are flooding the network. Financial regulators can follow the information on the Internet and investigate and ban these companies engaged in illegal financial activities in a timely manner.

3. The judicial organs should strengthen the fight against the joint force

to establish a coordination mechanism to strengthen the joint force. Strengthen the discussion of new situations and new problems in financial crime cases, timely unify law enforcement thoughts and law enforcement standards, and solve practical problems in judicial practice. Strengthen coordination and communication between various departments and establish an information sharing mechanism between departments. Establish an intervention mechanism to deal with major, difficult, and new types of financial crime cases, and intervene in advance to guide investigation and evidence collection. Establish a consultation mechanism, conduct case-type discussions on case-controversial common problems in practice, case studies, and unify the three standards for handling financial crime cases. Optimize the professional team structure.

Increase the promotion of legal system. Through legal propaganda, advocate cardholders, especially young and middle-aged cardholders, to establish correct and rational consumption concepts, prevent malicious overdrafts caused by blind consumption, and promote the nature, type and consequences of credit card fraud crimes, especially malicious overdrafts. The serious harm of behavior. Procuratorial organs can choose typical or new types of cases, such as newspapers, TV stations, websites, etc., and adopt legal forms such as online, TV trial live broadcasts, and print media publications to promote cardholders' rational consumption.