P2P official website launches suitable products for the majo

In many people's minds, the idea of ​​managing money rather than making money in the bank has long been popular. If you can find a suitable portfolio, not only can you expect the benefits to be in the bag, but the overall risk of the portfolio can also be reduced. Thirty percent is used for family life, this part is used as living expenses, and another 30% is used to invest in short-term products, such as products launched in the P2P official website, as well as some baby wealth management products, and investment funds can also be recommended. Based on fixed investment, these investment income can be used for our extra expenses, the third 30%, as our long-term investment funds, long-term financial income is higher, used to achieve longer-term goals, pension or education Wait.

If there is still surplus after the investment, then it should be used as an emergency reserve fund or purchase insurance products, and the funds will be distributed to different investment projects, and the value will be safely and properly added. In many large P2P official websites, you can see no. Shaohe government projects, such as new energy, environmental protection, etc., also have strategies with a number of banks, investment threshold is not high, hundreds of dollars can also invest, the income time will be different. There are a lot of friends because of the limited and many other reasons, the balance of funds every month is not fixed, such as Internet Banking is very flexible for everyone.

There used to be a lot of people who put money in the bank, expecting the bank to bring him high income, and now the bank interest rate ushers in the cold winter. If the money is deposited in the bank, no matter what kind of storage method, it will be paid regularly. According to the analysis of many P2P official websites, the profit rate of bank wealth management products may continue to fall. It is not a good choice to deposit money into banks.