Dividend annuity insurance into the main financial managemen

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, since February this year, the consumer price index (CPI) has exceeded 2.25% for four consecutive months. Under the high CPI, the family assets of the Chinese people have already faced a serious risk of depreciation, which makes people's life, education, medical care and pension responsibility more serious.

In order to fight against CPI, more and more people are paying attention to wealth management products that are both safe and profitable, and dividend insurance stands out from the crowd. It is understood that since the beginning of this year, various life insurance companies including insurance have launched more than 120 dividend insurance products, and their “guarantee + income” structure has become an effective way to deal with inflation and pension risks.

Under the risk of inflation, is your money enough to support your old age?

The high level of CPI operation makes everyone have to measure the true “gold content” of the money in hand – under the pressure of life, the risk of pension also needs enough assets. To support, and inflation is accelerating this risk.

According to rough calculations, in Dazhongcheng, a 30 person needs to deal with housing, vehicles, children's education, daily consumption and other expenses before the retirement of 60, the total amount is close to 3 million.

And if the couple retired from 60 to 88, the food consumption expenditure alone was more than 1 million. This huge figure not only did not include large expenditures such as housing and medical care, and did not take into account the impact of inflation. “If we calculate at an annual inflation rate of 5%, the cost of the couple’s meal alone will be 2.45 million in 28 years.” The financial experts’ calculations are impressive.

While experiencing the financial crisis, the global stock market crash and the price volatility of real estate and other assets, more and more people are aware that the concept of “getting rich for a lifetime” is eating away from their assets. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of life in the future, it is necessary to ensure the preservation and appreciation of assets through a combination of security and profitability.

Dividend annuity insurance becomes the protagonist of financial management

Financial analysts recommend that in the fight against inflation, we must do a good job of the current and future rational allocation of funds, if their configuration capabilities are poor, it is better to achieve through some well-designed wealth management products Investment objectives. In addition to wealth management products and fund investment, the anti-inflation ability of dividend-paying products has also made it a protagonist.

Take the insurance “ ” product as an example. Its biggest feature is to provide customers with stable and sustained returns, and provide continuous and stable return according to people's laws, including Guannu, Hejin, and old-age pension.