Refusing naked marriage, how do white-collar workers manage

[Financial case]

Zhang Wei, 25, graduated two years, IT industry, is a company's technical staff. Although it is a post-90s, Zhang Wei’s ideas about marriage and love are different from those of the majority of the 90s. He believes that as a man, the responsibility in love and marriage is even heavier. If you can't give the other person a stable life, it is best not to get married first. Therefore, he refused the "naked marriage".

As the year grew, parents and relatives began to care about Zhang Wei’s marriage, but Zhang Wei believed that he had just graduated for a few years and had not saved much money. He could not afford to buy a house and could not afford it. Car, can not give his girlfriend a stable life, so it is better not to get married first.

However, although Zhang Wei feels that it is still too early to get married, it is too late to prepare for work. He thought carefully, according to the current situation, the cost of marriage is still very high. In the city on the other side of the house, it is only about 500,000 yuan to pay the down payment for the house and the house. From the current situation, I don’t know when I will pass the girlfriend. Therefore, he feels that he can no longer be paid for the monthly salary, and he has to find other ways to make money. Under the recommendation of a friend, he came to Jiafeng Reid, a well-known third-party financial institution, to manage his finances.

[Financial goals]

Investment gains, accumulation of marriage funds.

[Financial Analysis]

Through detailed understanding, Jiafeng Reid Financial Planner has simply organized Zhang Wei's personal financial situation.

According to Zhang Wei, his parents are teaching at home high school. Every time they are stable, they don’t need to send their living expenses to go home. Therefore, after removing the expenses of clothing, food, housing, transportation, etc. (about 3000 per month), he Most of them are used for savings.

Because of his previous internship experience, he was paid an ideal salary when he was looking for a job, 8500 a month, and after a year of work, his salary was raised to 10,000 per month. Therefore, in the two years after graduation, he has always saved a lot of money, about 120,000.

[Financial advice]

According to the above financial analysis, Jiafeng Reid Financial Planner proposed the following financial advice for Zhang Wei.

1. Digitize and consolidate financial goals

If you want to achieve financial goals faster, you must remember to digitize, sharpen, and concreteize your goals. If your financial goals are blurred, then your financial direction will be correct, which will reduce your speed of achieving your goals. Therefore, Jiafeng Ruide financial planner suggested that Zhang Wei should digitize and materialize his financial management goals, instead of simply “investment gains”. For example, Zhang Wei’s financial management goal is to accumulate marriage funds. It is necessary to know where the marriage needs funds, how much money is needed, how long it will take to accumulate, and how these funds can be accumulated.

2, investment must take into account risks and benefits

Young people's thinking is more flexible, like Zhang Wei's idea of ​​"using investment and wealth management to make money" is worth learning. However, in the practice of investment and financial management, Jiafeng Ruide financial planners should remind that we must balance risks and benefits, and we must not ignore high risks because we value high returns.

As far as Zhang Wei is concerned, although the situation is high and stable, the overall condition of the assets is not satisfactory. The main problem is that the assets are too small, the funds available for investment are not much, and the risk tolerance is low. In response to these problems, Jiafeng Reid Financial Planner suggested that Zhang Wei can properly allocate funds and invest in the land with the help of parents' funds. For example, while investing in stocks, we have allocated fixed-income wealth management products with low risk and stable income. Sustained for a long time, these investments, together with Zhang Wei’s own salary, I believe that I will soon be able to get enough of my wife’s.

Although men's responsibilities are more important in love and marriage, this does not mean that all responsibilities are borne by men, and women also need to share some economic pressure. Therefore, Jiafeng Ruide financial planner reminds that although personal responsibility is very important, but also consider the feelings of family and partners, some things still have to negotiate with family and partners to decide.

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