Classification of commercial bank personal wealth management

Commercial bank personal wealth management products are now in an emerging stage. Their personal wealth management products are based on the analysis and research of potential investors, targeted development and design and sales of fund management plans, commercial bank personal wealth management products, commercial banks only accept customers. Authorized to manage funds, as for the benefits and risks are borne by investors or in accordance with the agreed method.

Classification of personal wealth management products of commercial banks At present, there are many types of wealth management products for commercial banks. When researching wealth management products, it is necessary to classify products objectively and scientifically. Based on the many basic elements and terms of wealth management products, we can classify them from different angles:

(1) According to the currency currency classification, it can be divided into foreign exchange wealth management products and currency wealth management products. The foreign exchange wealth management products are mainly in the United States and Europe. At present, the scale of the currency wealth management products is much higher than that of foreign exchange wealth management products.

(2) According to the classification of the entrustment period, it can be divided into short-term, medium-term and long-term wealth management products. It is generally believed that less than one year is a short-term wealth management product, one-year (including one year) or more is a medium-term wealth management product, and more than two years is a long-term wealth management product.

(3) According to the investment direction classification, according to Meng Lei's summary, it can be divided into stock type, currency type, bond type, credit asset type, portfolio investment type, structural type and alternative wealth management products, etc.

(4) Classification according to risk attributes According to whether the income and principal can be preserved, it is divided into insurance-type and non-guaranteed wealth management products.

Because non-guaranteed products are expected to have relatively high yields, they have been increasingly sought after by investors in the recent period, despite the high risks.

(5) According to the persistence pattern, it can be divided into open wealth management products and closed wealth management products. Among them, open-end wealth management products means that investors can purchase or redeem at any time or on a regular basis during the existence of wealth management products, and the overall scale is variable; otherwise, closed-end wealth management products are generally not available for purchase or redemption during the duration, the overall scale is usually Immutable.

Commercial bank personal wealth management products, as an important part of commercial banking business, plays an extremely important role in the development of the entire bank, providing investors with a better investment channel and understanding of personal banking products related knowledge of commercial banks. Help us to take less detours in the road of investing in wealth management.