How high is the income of investment ICBC wealth management

With the influence of Internet finance, many banks have launched their own wealth management products. Although there is no high income from network wealth management products, the overall income is not bad, and the security is relatively high, so it has been welcomed by many investors. Some investors prefer ICBC's wealth management products. In so many banks, what is the profit of investing in ICBC's guaranteed wealth management products? Let's take a look at it with Xiaobian!

According to the wealth management products issued by ICBC, there are many current models. “Free Money Management” ICBC's guaranteed-type wealth management products have attracted many investors. Among them, there are some of the products of Credit Suisse Asset Management's “Credit Suisse Express Line Currency”, the 7×24-hour trading “e-Ling” launched by ICBC Asset Management Department, and the “Fortune” launched by Insurance. The nature of these three products is different, so the risk to investors after purchase is also different.

For experienced investors, the so-called capital preservation of the bank's principal-guaranteed wealth management products is only for the principal, and does not guarantee that the products will be profitable or guarantee the minimum income. Therefore, investors may have some potential problems after purchasing ICBC's guaranteed-type wealth management products. There is a possibility that the principal will only be recovered on the maturity date or the redemption will not occur on the maturity date. Investors must pay attention to the purchase of ICBC's guaranteed wealth management products. The ratio of the commitment of the ICBC's guaranteed wealth management products to the principal can be high or low, that is, the proportion of the capital preservation can be lower than the principal, such as 90% of the guaranteed principal. Equal to the principal or higher than the principal.

Investors are buying ICBC's guaranteed wealth management products. It must be made clear that, unlike other wealth management products, ICBC's capital-saving wealth management products are not only for the days of interest-bearing days, but also the recruitment period. As of the date of receipt, the actual number of days of funds will often be 5 days to 9 days. For some methods of interest-bearing, investors should clarify that the “funding period” and “liquidation period” interest rates of different lengths generally dilute the nominal “expected rate of return” according to interest or interest-free interest.