Teacher financial management: funds, insurance, credit cards

The average salary of teachers has increased by at least 10 times in the past 20 years, and teachers are gradually entering the high population. But looking at the rapid rise in prices in recent times, the teacher's "money bag" has never been bulging. For teachers, you must also learn to manage your finances. When is the most appropriate financial management? In fact, the sooner you manage your finances, the better!

According to the recommendations of the bank branch financial experts and the situation of the field investigation, the financial management should “start from the first and first salary”, even if the first salary or salary is deducted from personal fixed expenses and household expenses. There is not much left, and don't underestimate the ability to collect small amounts of money. There are 10 million investment methods for 10 million and 1000 financial management methods for 1000.

The key words of stable teacher group financial management are: positive, long-term. On the one hand, it is to choose the financial management method and variety that suits you. In addition, you can appropriately participate in some slightly aggressive investment channels to obtain better value-added.

A university female teacher's "financial puzzles"

A university teacher Miss Meng: I saw friends around me buy funds today, buy stocks tomorrow, I suddenly found myself has been far from this era. I am a university teacher. I spend more time and energy on my work. I rarely want to manage my finances. What is even more frightening is that I don’t have the idea of ​​managing money at all. Although I have earned some money, I have never saved it. Money, and never bought a wealth management product. Currently still single, living in the school's teacher's apartment, there are plans to buy a car. I really want to listen to the advice of professionals and help me make a reasonable design and analysis.

Financial planners:

Whether it is kindergarten preschool education, basic education in primary and secondary schools, or teachers in higher or vocational education, they all have their own special characteristics. They can make corresponding financial planning according to their professional characteristics and cycle theory. .

Initial diagnosis: stable, anti-risk ability, increase investment slightly aggressive category

Ms. Meng, a teacher, is relatively stable due to basic security, with an average monthly rate of 3,500. She also teaches foreign students, writes papers and publishes books. Aspects. As a stable group of teachers, the ability to withstand the risks of daily life is stronger than that of the average person. It can completely transform the traditional financial management concept and choose a more suitable financial management method and variety. Properly involved in some slightly more aggressive investment channels, such as open-end funds, bonds, stocks, etc., to ensure that the property is well valued under the premise of maintaining value.

Financial measures 1: Fund investment, fixed rating.

Because of the busy work and innocent day-to-day study, it is recommended to invest more in considering the fund and the fixed rating. Even if you invest in stocks, it is not recommended to frequently enter and exit the stock market. You should use long-term ideas to operate.

Reason: The fund's rated investment is very suitable for busy teachers, diversification of investment, low cost, not only to ensure the benefits, but also to free up time to concentrate on work, more importantly, let yourself forcibly save, accumulate less, easy to play Manage your finances. At present, CCB has opened more than 300 funded investment products. Investors can select products according to their own circumstances, and complete the one-stop investment and wealth management needs of fund opening, purchase, redemption and inquiry.

Recommended: Advantages (000021); Morgan Stanley Resources (163302)

Financial Measures 2: Use insurance to add icing on the cake.

Because the teacher profession is relatively stable, social security and unit welfare provide the most basic guarantee for teachers' pension and medical care. However, it is necessary to allocate some necessary commercial insurance. The allocation is based on accident insurance and critical illness insurance. With life insurance. It is recommended that young teachers like Miss Meng can purchase major illness insurance, term life insurance and accident insurance for 8% of the year.

Reason: Teachers returning to work early and late will increase the probability of accidents. Secondly, teachers can travel outside during the summer and winter vacations. Therefore, an accidental injury insurance and accidental injury medical insurance are essential. In view of the increasing number of occupational diseases in the teacher community, the sooner the insurance is purchased, the better. In general, insurance at 25 o'clock is much less expensive than at 40 or 45.

Financial Measures 3: Use your credit card to buy a car in installments.

Given that Ms. Meng is preparing to buy a family car of around 100,000 this year and next. It is recommended to make a down payment of 30%, and the rest will be purchased by Longke credit card installment payment. The business is free of mortgage, free of guarantee, zero interest, and the minimum to zero super-service rate. The monthly supply is around 1500~2000.

Financial Measures 4: Good at grasping the timing of financial management.

“ Every Teacher's Day, banks will launch some wealth management products specifically for teachers. Often, the returns of such products are relatively stable, and the yield is higher than that of similar financial products. ” Teachers can choose these products at this time. The annualized rate of return for semi-annual products reached 3.1%, while the annualized rate of return for common semi-annual wealth management products was 2.6%.

Warm reminder:

Wealth first determined not to think that investment and wealth management is the wealthy person's patent wealth management from the establishment of self-confidence and strong belief. Teachers' financial management should change the traditional concept of stabilizing and use positive, long-term investment strategies to make funds move. Teachers are not hard and simple generationsNouns, high, high financial income, and high quality of life are the goals and highest realms of teacher financial management.