Where should the university's physical resources start?

It is understood that 60% of college students currently have no habit of keeping accounts. The living expenses of many college students are equivalent to the full salary of the parents. Therefore, let college students learn financial management early, in order to prepare for the future of socially reasonable consumption.

Nowadays, the material conditions of living are getting better and better. Many children are basically only children, and they are always unable to resist the temptation of foreign substances. According to the survey, many college students who have just entered the school have a monthly living allowance of 800-1200, and many college students “eat and drink” at the beginning of the month. At the end of the month, they “reduced their clothes and dieted.” At present, 65% of college students “have little habit of bookkeeping” or “have no bookkeeping habits”.

Xiao said to the classmates that "the family is giving a one-time living expenses of 6,000 for one month, but I have never really worried about how much money is left in the account, let alone bookkeeping." University tuition for many families It is already a small expenditure, so controlling the children's consumption can not only save the family's expenses, but also enable the college students to develop the habit of managing money.

First of all, college students can develop the habit of keeping accounts in time. College students can establish their own flow of funds. The management of living expenses can start from daily flow-based bookkeeping. After going out to work, the monthly income and expenditure will be recorded in detail, and the accounts will be settled at the end of the month to save some unnecessary expenses. After understanding the monthly spending habits, you can find out which expenses are unnecessary, correct unreasonable consumption and make adjustments in time, and after a long time, you can well regulate your consumption concept and develop the habit of reasonable consumption. .

In this way, if there is reasonable consumption through bookkeeping, there may be surplus living expenses. College students can save them and do some meaningful things, such as reporting some interest classes, or buying extracurricular books, etc. Financial exercise, etc. When college students have funds in their hands, they can consider choosing some low-risk investment methods. “However, when reminding college students to invest, they should also learn some relevant financial professional knowledge to ensure their investment returns.”

Good accounting habits, coupled with the use of funds earned by the students to invest, I believe that college students can eventually have good financial management skills, and continue to develop good financial management habits in the future workplace.