10 kinds of the most direct personal investment and financia

Life is actually very beautiful. The family and friends around me are in good health. Don't worry about the little things in the neighborhood, don't be unhappy with the troubles of the past, don't succumb to Waira for the gains and losses. Relax your mind, level your mind, and treat your life with a normal heart. You will find that life is really beautiful.

Like a river, wealth is a reservoir. The money spent on it is the water that flows out. Only the money left in the reservoir will be your fortune. And the gentleman's wealth, in a proper way, the gentleman's wealth should be more reasonable. Because making money is the focus of financial management, although financial management is not just for making money, but it is not just a one-time flow account or satisfied with a little deposit interest, but to rationally arrange financial resources to ensure asset security. On the basis of this, we will steadily realize the preservation and appreciation of assets.

Investment and financial management is not equal to simply saving money, saving money, putting money in the bank, nor is it equal to simple stock trading (stock trading). Personal investment and wealth management is the property of all assets and liabilities, including tangible, intangible, liquid, non-current, past, present, future, heritage, will and intellectual property, according to needs and purposes. Proactive planning, arrangement, replacement, and reorganization of liabilities and liabilities to achieve comprehensive, systematic and comprehensive economic activities of value preservation and value-added. The former is just a specific act of investment, at best, the use of cash. Cash management as part of investing in wealth management is much more complicated and difficult. The following is a summary of the ten most straightforward methods of personal investment and financial management.

I. Savings – an investment that benefits from wealth.

Savings or deposits are popular investment behaviors for ordinary residents and a common form of personal investment and financial management. Compared with other investment methods, savings are safe and reliable (protected by the Constitution), convenient procedures (all of the savings business), flexible in form, and inherited. Savings is a business in which banks mobilize and absorb the surplus monetary funds of residents through credit forms. After the banks absorb the savings deposits, they put the money into the social production process in various ways and make profits. As a cost of using savings funds, banks must pay depositors interest. Therefore, for depositors, participation in saving not only supports the country, but also allows the money money that they have saved to increase or maintain value, becoming a family investment behavior.

Second, the investment in peace of mind - insurance.

The biggest fan is the future. No one can predict whether a family will encounter uncertainties such as accidental injuries, serious illnesses, and natural disasters. Insurance is a financial umbrella that allows families to pass risks to insurance companies, and even if there are accidents, the family can maintain a basic quality of life. Insurance investment may not be the most important in family investment activities, but it is the most necessary. The main incentives for the people to insure are: buy a long-acting reassurance (prevention of family life accidents), and at present, it is more important to think about danger (precaution of future risks), raising children and preventing old age, and investing in insurance. There are many types of insurance available to the city residents, mainly property insurance and life insurance. Family property insurance is an insurance used to compensate for the economic loss of materials and benefits. The personal family property insurance that has been opened includes: family property insurance, family property theft insurance, family property insurance, and various kinds of maintenance insurance. Personal insurance is a kind of insurance for the life, old, sick, dead and unemployment benefits of the person. There are mainly pension insurance series, return series insurance, personal accident insurance series and so on.

III. Investment in pets - stocks.

Although the scope of interest tax collection also includes interest on individual stock accounts, the state will continue to implement the policy of temporarily exempting personal income tax on the income from stock transfer. Therefore, after interest taxation, cautious intervention in stocks is also an effective financial management channel. .

Deposit your current account into your personal stock account. You can use this money to purchase new shares. If you are lucky, you will be able to make a profit when you sign the stock and throw it out. Even if there is no winning, there is still interest on the current period. If you are in a good economic situation and can withstand certain risks, you can also buy stocks in the stock secondary market. Gold, real estate and stocks are considered by economists to be the top three investment hotspots in the world today. A kind of securities issued by a stock company as a fund for the establishment of funds is a kind of equity certificate that proves that investors invest in shares and obtain dividends according to them. It has already entered thousands of households and has become an important target for many family investments. Stock investment has become a hot topic of everyday discussion among ordinary people. Because stocks are characterized by high returns, high risk, transferability, flexible trading, and convenience, they have become a powerful force supporting the development of the stock market. The return on stock investment can be reflected by calculating the stock investment return rate. Actual rate of return = [annual dividend - annual dividend / tax rate] / issue (purchase) price  100%.

IV. Bonds – investments with moderate returns.

The newly introduced policy treasury bonds and the financial bonds issued by the state are “temporarily exempt from personal income tax”. By comparing the coupon rates of the three-year and five-year treasury bonds in the three-year and five-year treasury bonds in 1999 and the actual income of three-year and five-year bank deposits, we can easily find that the interest on government bonds purchased in three-year and five-year periods is higher than that. Bank deposit income for the same period was 28.7% and 28.9% higher, respectively. Nowadays, the liquidity of national debt is also very strong, and it is also possible to withdraw and pledge loans in advance. Therefore, treasury bonds are the most ideal investment channel for cautious investors who are not too high and are likely to use deposits at any time to meet unexpected needs. If you have a long-term idle money that you don't need to use, and hope to get more profit, but don't dare to take too much risk, you can boldly buy some corporate bonds. Interest on corporate bondsAlthough interest tax is also paid, the after-tax is still a lot higher than the savings deposits in the same period.

V. Expert financial management - investment fund.

Investment fund refers to the fund promoters who distribute the fund's diversified funds by issuing fund vouchers (ie, beneficiary certificates), handing them over to the fund custody management and fund managers, and allocating investment income to the holding of fund vouchers. A way of investing people. Resident households buying investment funds are equivalent to handing over funds to experts. Not only are they at low risk, but they are also the best investment tools for family investors who lack time and expertise.

6. Foreign exchange investment.

Foreign exchange refers to various means of payment for international settlement expressed in foreign currency, that is, foreign currency funds that can be directly used to repay foreign debts and achieve international transfer of purchasing power. According to the relevant regulations on foreign exchange management, foreign exchange mainly includes: (1) currency, including banknotes and metal coins, such as foreign currencies that are freely convertible: US, sterling, Deutsche Mark, Japanese, Hong Kong dollar and other five foreign currencies. (2) Foreign currency securities, including government bonds, treasury bonds, corporate bonds, stocks, coupons, etc.; (3) Foreign currency payment vouchers, including notes, bank deposit vouchers, vouchers, etc.; (4) Other foreign exchange funds. For a long time, foreign exchange controls have been implemented and individuals are not allowed to trade foreign exchange. Although foreign exchange black has never actually been banned, it is illegal. With the increasing frequency of foreign economic, technological and cultural exchanges, there is more and more foreign exchange in the hands of individuals. In particular, the gradual establishment of the socialist field economic system and the imminent accession to the WTO, the demand for foreign exchange by ordinary households is growing. At the end of 2000, the currency was freely convertible. The types of foreign exchange investments that residents can choose include: foreign exchange deposits (ie, investing in currency, earning exchange rate differences), foreign exchange (under the premise of familiar foreign exchange rates, buying and selling without losing time, obtaining considerable foreign exchange), investing in foreign exchange securities Field (through the banks, foreign institutions, economic and trade companies to buy and sell foreign exchange bonds, foreign exchange stock business, obtain legitimate foreign exchange investment income).

VII. Collectible investment – ​​an organic combination of art and money.

Reality Today, collection is not only a self-cultivating amateur cultural activity, it is a way to get rich, it is the golden key to open the door. Among all kinds of collectibles, antiques, calligraphy, coins, philatelics and sparks have a long history and are self-contained, occupying a prominent position in the collection world, and called "the five major families"; subsequently, especially near In the past ten years, the “Four Celebrities”, which are famous for their popularity, have emerged: magnetic cards, food stamps, stock certificates and lottery tickets. Also, such as medals, various handicrafts, etc. can be collected, people are accustomed to call these collections "three religions and nine streams." Collectors should follow the well-known sayings of the business community that they are “unfamiliar and do not do”. They should be familiar with the variety, nature, characteristics, market conditions and interests, appreciation principles of a certain collection, collect in time, wait for the price, and achieve the ultimate investment income. purpose. As for the speed and slowness of growth, high and low, depending on a variety of factors, it depends on whether you can choose the "shares". There is an interesting phenomenon in the collection: the more value the collection has, the more people will participate in the collection; the more people there are, the faster the collection will increase. In recent years, the collection field is accelerating this kind of “snowball” type of good cycle.

Eight, personal gold investment - you will never change.

Gold has always been a symbol of wealth in people's minds and a universal investment tool. As long as it is a gold with a purity of 99.5 or above, or a recognized mark and text of a bank or gold dealer with worldwide credibility, whether you carry it to the ends of the world, it can be sold at the standard price of the London gold market. As the best value-preserving tool, gold has been favored by investment theory and ordinary investors since ancient times. It is considered that it is the best strategy to have gold in addition to traditional stock and bond assets. Especially in a turbulent world, many investors believe that only gold is the safest asset. Therefore, investors have consistently regarded gold as an important part of their portfolio. There are five main types of gold investment: real gold investment (ie gold bars), gold coin investment, gold jewelry investment, paper gold investment, and gold futures investment. Investing in gold can make money, mainly to see appreciation. Although the price of gold will be slightly ups and downs due to the international political and economic situation, it will be a steady rise.

IX. Real estate investment - high investment and high output.

Real estate, as one of the world's three major investment hotspots, has always been favored by merchants. Real estate is a combination of real estate (household property) and real estate (land property). In fact, in addition to meeting the housing needs of residents (covering the wind and sheltering from the rain), real estate has the effect of maintaining value and increasing value, and is a good investment tool to prevent inflation. A family, to invest in real estate, should make good financial planning, rationally arrange housing funds, and learn real estate knowledge. After all, buying a home is a very big investment for every family. The real estate field is divided into three levels: first-class (national monopoly), secondary (real estate business development and operation activities), and third-level (real estate re-transfer, lease, mortgage). Investors can choose long-term investment and short-term speculation to operate according to the actual situation. After buying real estate, investors should be continually contingent, and when the market is significantly bullish, decisively take off the gloves and get a large price difference.

X. Futures investment.

Futures trading refers to the transaction in which the two parties on the futures exchange, through the public auction, purchase or sell the contract for the delivery of the standard quantity of goods at the agreed price on a certain date in the future. Futures trading is divided into commodity futures and financial futures according to the trading objects. A futures with a valuable commodity as a trading object is called a commodity futures. Commodity futures are the most important part of futures trading and the basis of futures trading. Can be used as a futuresEasy products include agricultural products and mineral products. Futures that use standardized financial instruments as trading objects are financial futures. Financial futures mainly include three categories of foreign exchange futures, interest rate futures and stock indices. With the easing of the financial environment and the popularity of WTO accession and investor futures trading, futures investment will become one of the commonly used methods of personal investment and wealth management, just like spot investment.

Wealth management is to give yourself a basic sense of security, to remove some of the special free and easy people. I think most people regard dreams as dreams rather than realizations because he is not safe enough for the sake of sesame oil and vinegar tea. Busy, for the children's education, the maintenance of the elderly, accidents that may occur at any time and can not let go to do what they want to do, so we need to manage money, the so-called hands have money, the heart does not panic.