The right way to break through the current wealth management

As a milestone product that opened up the awareness of financial management for the whole people, Yu'e Bao used a way to lower the threshold to save the people's money from the low-interest bank's current and regular wealth management products. And embedded in Alipay, opened up the savings scene and consumer scene.

On the other hand, it also became the budding stage of the Internet finance industry that blew the assembly number. To a large extent, it can be said that Yu'ebao defines the appearance of current wealth management products—daily display of revenue, access at any time, and quick arrival. These standards have become the reference standards for other Internet financial platforms to cut into current financial management.

Since the beginning of this year, with the central bank's repeated interest rate cuts, the yields of bank savings and banking financial management have also followed suit. As a monetary fund against the benchmark interbank market, Yu'e has a current yield of as low as 2.6%. On the other hand, more and more Internet finance companies are starting to build their own current wealth management products. Except for the debts behind the benchmarks, it seems that they are the same as the balance treasures.

However, it is not easy to do this. At the front end you need to ensure a good and reliable experience, such as - interest time, cash withdrawal speed and so on. The back end is more difficult—whether the current product has received a reliable credit, whether the risk control is strict, and whether there is enough mechanism to deal with large-scale settlement. Current products that meet the above conditions are rare. In what position does the Internet finance company cut into current wealth management products, it is likely to determine the ultimate success or failure of a product.

As an example of foreign wealth management, let's analyze how Internet finance companies can correctly cut into current wealth management products.

First of all, the fixed annualized rate of return of foreign fast financial management is stable at 8.88%. Because the debts behind the docking are not the same, it is meaningless to compare the balance treasure. Looking at the entire Internet financial industry, the annualized rate of return of 8.88% is not the highest, but It is definitely the top level in the safety zone. Especially in the context of the general interest rate cuts on the big platform, it is very competitive for wealth managers.

Secondly, in terms of the use experience, the external fast-growing financial management is also very powerful. The interest is calculated on a daily basis, the income is re-invested, and the income is calculated on the day of transfer. In terms of cash withdrawal rate, the foreign fast financing has been redeemed at any time, and the principal and interest are quickly returned to the external fast user account. It is worth mentioning that the purchase and redemption of foreign fast financing does not charge a handling fee, avoiding a lot of small users who experience the bad experience of losing money in the short term.

Secondly, from the historical experience, there is almost no possibility of such an investment, but the income of such claims is relatively low. The investment used to raise the rate of return comes from the strict screening of consumer financial claims in installments, which has a very low bad debt rate. Moreover, even if bad debts occur, the risk reserve fund for external wealth management will guarantee 100% of the investor's income.

It can be said that the external fast financial management is a good example of the correct practice of Internet finance companies cutting into current financial management.

Due to the limitations of investment channels and targets, global asset allocation is available to most ordinary investors regardless of the funding threshold or operational threshold. Therefore, although this field sounds ungrounded, it is definitely an absolute blue ocean. There are only a small number of institutions and large capital investors in this field.

With the development of internet finance, more and more investment models have been adopted by the Internet+. This fast, convenient and safe way of managing money, has been sought after by more and more people!