What are the ways for college students to manage their money

According to the situation, many college students have been able to earn their own money and earn a certain amount of money to make their lives better, and also relieve the family a lot of burden. However, many colleges and universities are not very good at their physical resources. Many people also want to know how college students manage their finances. In fact, it is not difficult for college students to manage their finances, because college students themselves are high-quality people and have their own views and understandings on financial management. The following small series will explain in detail how college students should manage their finances.

1, financial management principles: thrift and servant weight first

Many college students today can't talk about financial self-reliance, and there is no constant origin. The important capital demand is to meet my own needs. From this perspective, the financial management principles that college students abide by should be servant and financial management. In terms of expenditure, we must carry out cruel management, not to compare with others, not to be vain, to form the valuable character of the servant, and to be able to pile up net assets more usefully. Be sensitive to investment, don't blindly follow the trend, and have idle funds to properly study investment, but must face up to risks.

2, pay attention to the statement of caution, use the promise card

In the financial industry, the problem of the operation of the promise card is really controversial, especially for college students. The problem with the promise card is that it easily fuels people's consumption, even bad consumption habits. Due to the repayment ability, once the promise card's debt can't be repaid, it will definitely affect the training and even cause financial pressure on the parents of the students.

Here, the college students who advocate the operation of the promise card develop a good financial management habit, which can be started from the attention to the statement. As long as you initially pay attention to your own statement, you can create something. The statement should be centralized to facilitate differentiation, and if there is a time, the summary form should be listed. On the one hand, it is possible to inspect my own consumption steps, whether it is fair, whether it can be improved; on the other hand, it is possible to see whether the cost of capital is generated, that is, to generate capital, and at the same time to learn the interest-bearing establishment of the promise card, and to prevent unnecessary expenditure as much as possible. .

3, learning financial common sense familiar financial management tools

Some college students are eager to test and invest in the school era, I hope to gather investment experience as soon as possible, to help me to invest in profit. This cable-clearing point is good, but it must be prepared before the investment, the first is to be familiar with and appreciate the investment tools. If you are a financially relevant student, or a student who is preparing to work on a financial scale in the future, you can connect to the academic course for systematic study and contact the book common sense to check the market. Students from other majors can learn the basics of investment tools in their spare time, start with the library, browse related books, and then check the market.

In addition, college students can intervene in some common sense lectures in the financial management industry and get more exposure to investment information in practice. Initiatives for college students start from the investment and financial management tools of stocks, funds, bonds, etc., starting from the basic knowledge of the roots, familiar with their characteristics and compiling their own idle funds to practice their senses, but the most fundamental principle is to find the right person. Investment tools, maintain a heavy strategy, can not be quick success.

4, financial management needs long-term hard work

Actively studying scientific and financial views, creating brilliant financial management habits is necessary for current college students, but at the same time, college students can not forget a condition, that is, can not affect me The academics and courses should not be overly addicted to financial management and investment. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job in financial preparation for financial management. Financial management is not like a college student who wants to get rich overnight or once and for all. Financial management needs long-term hard work and requires great patience and perseverance.