How to get started with university physical education

First of all, college students are in the school reading stage. The main purpose is to learn knowledge, not to create wealth. Most of their economic sources are family parents, and there is no other stable economy and relatively lack of financial awareness. At the time of college graduation, many students, whether they are working or working in partnership, need some financial support to realize their own ideals. How can this fund be obtained without the help of parents? Financial management can help every college student. Can accumulate the first wealth.

1. It is necessary to cultivate a "financial view".

The property of a person is like a large pool, which is the water inlet. The various consumption expenditures are the water outlets. Without the reasonable restriction of the water outlet, no more water inlets can make the water storage. Therefore, for a limited number of college students, they must first cultivate a correct concept of financial management, understand reasonable consumption, avoid unnecessary consumption as much as possible, and discourage college students from using credit cards to consume in advance.

2, time deposits, accumulated less.

Some institutions have an exclusive interview with a university student, and the survey results show that most of the students do not have financial sense, and most of their consumption methods are: eating and eating. Because living expenses are not sufficient, but in addition to basic daily eating and drinking, living expenses must meet the needs of life entertainment and interpersonal communication, and the flexibility is relatively large, and they do not want to spend money on a deliberate basis.

Faced with this situation, students' monthly deposits are very necessary. Why can deposits become the most common form of financial management for college students? Because the flow of surplus funds is more random without affecting the necessary living expenses of individuals, or many sing a K, eat more and stay up late, The remaining funds can be consumed. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring daily necessary consumption, a small amount of money will be deposited every month. When the university graduates, this wealth can provide great help to the individual. For example, 300 fixed monthly deposits, 9 months in that year, plus income is close to 3000, and after 4 years is 12000.

This is only the first step of financial management. If you can hold on to the university, it is the first bucket of gold that can be accumulated, but this is not the ultimate goal. The real meaning is to cultivate a sense of financial management, and in the future work, you can use The same method accumulates wealth, and then combines with other financial channels to achieve the effect of money generation.