White-collar female financial plan: fixed investment fund tu

There are many such white-collar workers who hold wages higher than their average peers. They don’t feel sorry for themselves in life. They wear brand-name cards, play, work, and stay away from work twice a year. It is “&” "Material spirit", but the financial management is completely confusing and even moonlight. With the growth of the year, the actual pressures of becoming a family, buying a house, furthering, and providing for the elderly are coming one after another. The white-collar women are no longer dazzling ……


Financial goals: Buying a house within 2 years

Financial advice: Appropriate venture capital

Miss Su, this year 26, every 6,000, the provident fund is 1,000 per month, the company includes pension insurance and medical insurance.

Daily living expenses are 2000, the rent is 1200, and other expenses are 1500. Every year, family and business insurance costs about 6,000. In addition, it holds a value of approximately 30,000 funds.

First analyze Miss Su's income and expenditure situation: Miss Su fixed 6000 per month, housing provident fund 1000 per month, monthly fixed expenditure 4700, and the remaining monthly about 1300. A commercial insurance premium of approximately 6,000 is required each year. In addition, it holds a value of approximately 30,000 funds.

According to the assets of Miss Su, 1300 equity funds can be invested every month. If the annual return rate is 10%, the fund value will be about 35,000 after two years. The fund with a value of 30,000 will continue to hold an annual yield of 10 % calculation, valued at about 36,000 in two years. Miss Susuo 22 has been working for 4 years. After two years, the housing provident fund is about 72,000, minus two years of commercial premiums of 12,000. That is, Miss Su can prepare 130,000 first installments in two years, and can purchase a property worth about 430,000. The target should be a one-bedroom or two-bedroom house.

Financial planner pointing:

Three-stage financial management, consideration.

& ldquo; She & rdquo; time will financial management woman is.

Nowadays women have stepped out of family bondage and jumped into the workplace to become masters. Knowledge and wealth have multiplied. Women have the right to absolute independence. As for financial concepts, they must also be separated from traditional ideas.

Want to manage money, if there is no capital, everything is empty talk. Whether you are a moonlight family, a housewife waiting for Mr. Payday, or a working girl who is rushing in the workplace, changing consumption habits is the primary key, diverting unnecessary expenses into wealth management capital, and having three concepts. There is infinite imagination in the follow-up.

Concept 1: You don't manage money, and you don't care about you. Financial management is not just about talking about slogans. It is necessary to practice it and to be more persistent.

Concept 2: Make consumer goods worth the money. Beautiful woman invests in appearance, smart woman invests inside. Enrich the concept of self-financing, broaden your horizons, and use consumption on the knife. “Using knowledge to make money” is the smartest way to manage women in the new era.

Concept 3: Forced savings, regular investment. Zero deposits and regular deposits are the best means of forced savings and investment, so that some of the payrolls are automatically invested in the investment account, and the eyes are not seen as net. After many years, the results are absolutely satisfactory.

Elite women in the new era, financial management and spending power can not be ignored, there are not many women who drive cars and live in Huaxia, and many people are the constant winners of the investment field. Their ability to analyze and judge is amazing.

Women's financial management can be divided into three major stages, according to different ages, stage needs to make appropriate adjustments, so that they become financial master:

Stage 1: Women 20 is the most beautiful.

In addition to accumulating workplace experience and social recognition in the workplace, it is more important that you accumulate the capital of investment and wealth management before you get tired of your family. Otherwise, you will be left empty and even life in front of you will be a problem. What about investment and financial management?

If you have a spare cash at hand, you can start investing. Because young people have the risk of high risk, they can invest in high-risk, high-yield products and accumulate money quickly.

Stage 2: A woman 30 flowers.

After the achievements and wealth have gradually accumulated to a certain level, the next step is to make careful calculations, not only to make the present day better, but also to make the elderly life more secure and dignified. At this stage, women's biggest expenses are mostly based on home purchase and car purchase. Married women should also prepare their children's education funds, so as not to be overwhelmed by huge education costs in the future.

In addition, if you continue to contribute to the family, don't forget to take care of yourself, strengthen the insurance function, and allocate the proportion of the policy according to your needs, to the bottom of the current and old age.

Stage 3: Woman 40 is a treasure.

40 After you, your child is getting bigger and your financial situation is stable. At this time, you should check whether the couple’s money after retirement is careless. What kind of life have you thought of? In particular, the medical expenses incurred in the future are indeed a small expense. At present, in addition to emphasizing capital preservation, stable and fixed-income investments should also be added.