Investment-linked insurance is to "buy expensive or buy"

How to identify the pros and cons of dazzling investment-linked insurance products? Financial analysts pointed out that there are five standards for reference.

First of all, you can compare the investment performance of different companies' investment-linked insurance. Investors can find the investment returns of different accounts of these companies in the current and previous historical periods on the websites of various insurance companies, and compare them.

Second, choose stock fluctuations The corresponding company's investment income during the period, compare the resilience of different products;

Third, compare the management level of the insurance company's screening fund products;

Fourth, compare the charges for the front-end and back-end fees of different investment-linked products;

Fifth, you can compare the service level of the company before and after the sale.

Insurance network experts pointed out that although the insurance company's rate of return is an important indicator, but it only represents the company's past level of income, and does not represent the company's future earnings. For investors, the level of insurance company screening funds and the level of life insurance after-sales service are the most important.

Skilled use of smoothing risk

Like other wealth management products, it is difficult to grasp the investment and investment points of the investment insurance. Just as it is difficult to accurately predict the rise and fall of stocks, it is difficult to predict the best buying opportunity. However, experts suggest that investors can iron out the risk by “fixing the investment” and bypass the problem of choice at the time of purchase.

The so-called investment-linked insurance is a fixed investment. It is similar to the concept of fund investment. Investors can invest in fixed funds at a fixed time and continue to achieve the effect of diversifying risks. At present, insurance companies including life insurance, life insurance, life insurance, etc. have already launched their products.

The payment method of the overdue products has been multi-formed, and customers can choose monthly payment, quarterly payment, half-year payment, annual payment, etc. Through the divergence of the entry time, investors can iron out the risks and costs, achieve the investment objective of “buy more on the bargain, buy more on the rallies”, and avoid the investment risks of high and low investment to a certain extent.