Comprehensive interpretation of universal insurance

universal insurance is a life insurance product with both insurance coverage and savings.

Universal insurance is an investment-type life insurance between dividend insurance and investment-linked insurance. Its main feature is that it has both investment income and protection. Now many customers will think that the insurance premium they pay is for investment. The insurance company does not need to charge any fees, and the risk can be obtained.

However, many customers are unclear about the cost of universal insurance: the initial cost, the risk protection cost (if there are additional major diseases in advance, and the cost of early payment of major diseases, some companies are in the main insurance On the basis of the provision of major disease protection, I personally think that this protection fee deduction is fair, but some companies attach a major illness and the main insurance of universal insurance is to share an insurance amount, then deduct the cost of major illness insurance, then come to the customer It is said that it is a supplementary payment fee. If there is any accident insurance or accidental injury medical insurance, the same amount will be deducted from the account value according to the monthly value. Some companies will deduct the handling fee and policy management when the customer receives the account value. Fees, etc.

Guaranteed benefits Some companies are 1.75%, some companies are 2%, and some companies have a minimum guaranteed interest rate of 2.5%, so these customers should pay attention when insuring.

The "universal" of universal insurance is only

. Compared with general insurance, the universal versatile is for the general insurance comparison, it has the flexibility of payment, the flexibility of receiving and the flexibility to adjust the insurance amount at any time. But these flexibility does not mean that it is truly omnipotent.

This is somewhat different from general insurance: general insurance is calculated according to the equilibrium rate, that is, the rate is determined according to the law of large numbers. In the distribution of premiums, the risk protection cost of the previous period may be higher, but not Where will it go? The risk protection cost of universal insurance is the natural rate. As the age increases, the risk assumed by the insurance company will also increase, and the deducted rate will increase.

General insurance is a payment period. As long as the contract is stipulated, the insurance contract will take effect at any time after the payment period expires. However, universal insurance is not the case, because the insurance period for most universal insurance is life-long. Although the payment is flexible, it can be paid for 10 years. After that, you can not pay the money. The non-payment of premiums here is not 10 years. It is not limited, that is to say, when the value of the account is not enough to cover the cost of risk protection, if the premium is not paid, the insurance contract will face a failure.

Insured universal insurance should pay attention to some possible traps

Universal insurance can invest in value-added? Value-added must first be preserved, the value must be out of inflation, that is, the income is higher than inflation, which is only preservation, and then on the basis of value preservation The gains are added. Universal insurance is really the same as saving money. It can be taken at any time if it is guaranteed. If there is a need for urgent use of money during the payment process, it can be flexibly withdrawn.

However, as long as the customer withdraws the money in the account (in fact, it is partially surrendered), the future benefits will be reduced accordingly, and the protection may be affected. The data presented in the universal insurance plan is quite beautiful. Is this true? Many of the numbers in the universal insurance plan are quite beautiful. However, one thing I have to remind is that in the average performance of omnipotent in recent years, most companies' universal insurance has not reached medium income.

Buying insurance is to choose the right one for you. Universal insurance has great advantages for young people, but for people above 40, choosing universal insurance is not the best choice.

In addition to the protection function, the purchase of universal insurance can also carry out venture capital investment. In the universal insurance, generally given a minimum guaranteed rate of return, consumers can make a trade-off between the minimum guaranteed rate of return and the demand deposit rate.