How to return dividend insurance?

Life Insurance “Jin Jinbao Insurance Financial Plan” is about to be a perfect curtain call

At the end of the end of the year, Life Insurance has adhered to the market and customer demand-oriented and product innovation as its business philosophy, and launched the “Jinbaobao Insurance Financial Plan”. ".

This insurance financial plan with quick return, adequate retirement, comprehensive security and dividends has been favored by many people in just six months. It is reported that this well-recognized protection product is about to complete its mission and officially withdrew from the historical stage on July 20.

"In terms of other existing financial plans, the biggest advantage of this dividend product is that it gives the insured the right to pay for the major illness 'secondary payment' and the major disease exemption premium, while resisting inflationary pressure, More comprehensive protection performance.” Li Ping, deputy general manager of Life Insurance, said that for policyholders, the most basic function of this financial plan is to provide the insured with the funds needed for emergency response to dispatch household cash flow. Can be used to plan the growth of children, including the use of their own old age pension plans. This program has a flexible payment period feature: one-time payment, 3, 5, 10 and 20 years. A variety of payment methods to meet the needs of different policyholders.

Due to the continued downturn in the investment environment and the objective existence of the interest rate environment, insurance investment income is still facing further downward pressure. Whether dividend insurance can maintain a high dividend rate to ensure the attractiveness of products has become a common problem faced by many life industries. . While strengthening the financial management function, the “Jin Jinbao Insurance Financial Plan” still extends the protection advantage of the “second payout” of life-related major diseases, that is, in addition to the financial performance of the accumulated living interest, the plan also gives customers two major diseases. The right to pay premiums and heavy illness exemptions also provides a total of six times the total amount of coverage for major illnesses.

Take Mr. Wang of 30 as an example. He made a “Golden Baby” insurance financial plan for his son who was born 90 days ago. He created 4 accounts for the children, namely “growth account” and “bonus account”. "," "cash account" and "guarantee account", for "Zhu Jinbao two insurance (dividend type)" and "additional Jinbao major illness insurance ()", worth 100,000, major illness protection 100,000, annual payment The premium is 28,442, the payment is 10 years, and the accumulated contribution is 284,420. During the contract period, the child can receive 9000 from the child's growth account every two years before the child's 65-week period. The child can receive 5000 from the growth account every year from 66 weeks, and increase 500 for every 5 years until the child reaches 100 weeks.

A child will receive a 100,000 birthday gift at 88 weeks, and a bonus will be distributed to the child's bonus account each year to provide a steady stream of cash. At the same time, the child also enjoys 100,000 major illness guarantees up to 100 weeks. When it is in urgent need of money, it can use a “cash account” to make loans to life, up to 80% of the value of the account. For example, if the child's growth account and bonus account choose to accumulate interest, the account will reach 3.736 million when the child is 88 weeks old. It is worth mentioning that if a child is troubled by a serious illness, he will not only be able to obtain a major illness insurance claim, but will be exempt from all premiums in the later period, and all survival benefits will not be affected, and have no less than 20 major diseases. The payment of rights and benefits reflects the "people-oriented" design concept.

Based on the current capital market expectations, there is still insufficient confidence, and interest rates have also entered the interest rate cut channel. As a dividend-type life insurance product, the policyholders who choose “Jin Jin Bao” are limited by the fluctuation of the capital field, except for at least two years. In addition to fixed income, it can also participate in surplus distribution according to the company's operating conditions.

As the capital field changes, some of the insurance companies' dividends will also be refunded. The authorities have recently pointed out that in the long run, the system will be strengthened to promote the development of insurance companies and long-term savings businesses. The product development of an insurance company is about to undergo a process of adjustment or innovation. It is imperative that Life Insurance “Jin Jin Bao” to cater to the good products of the public and withdraw from the stage at this time is a necessary measure to prevent business risks and adjust product structure.

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