Universal insurance packaging for wealth management products

"Yuebao second generation" is a universal insurance

Investors don't be promoted in the high-yield

Recently, the news that "Yuebao second generation" is about to come out has attracted the attention of the industry, and "locks a year's yield of 7%, The idea of ​​"guaranteeing the bottom of the book" is more eye-catching. However, the quick financial reporter confirmed that the so-called second-generation products are actually the special editions of the life-saving "win-win", not the "regular treasure", nor the "Yuebao second generation", but a general insurance for the Yubao users. Financial product.

Coincidentally, Tencent and once again "about the shelf", also chose February 14th, and the Western Valentine's Day is the launch of the fund's fixed investment products. After the holiday, the 7-day annualized rate of return on the Internet financial management, such as Baobao and Licai, declined successively. However, after the first battle of short-term financial management, it also cut into the medium and long-term investment field. In the face of an endless stream of Internet wealth management products, investors also need to fully understand the product information before making investment decisions. Don't just look at the high-yield propaganda and blindly invest.

Universal insurance packaging for financial products

Enter Alipay's “宵理财” page, “immediately raise 7%”, “continue a full year of high-yield”, “guaranteed guarantee” and other slogans are very eye-catching, but strangely, the entire page Can not find the product manual, the user can not understand what this product is, the product side and the direction of the investment, click on the appointment will only pop up the window to show the appointment success.

can only be seen in the "Activity Rules" small word at the bottom of the page. The "guaranteed guarantee" refers to the security of the investment principal and guarantees a minimum annualized rate of return of 2.5%.

According to the page description, the purchase of this "Yuebao User Exclusive Benefits 2" product needs to be reserved in advance, and must be snapped up in the morning of February 14th. Each user is limited to 2000 copies, each 1000, which is a single investor. The maximum participation limit is 2 million coins. As of last night, more than 1.7 million subscribers were booked.

Alipay confirmed that the net profit of Bao's new products is the special edition of this life's “win-win”, but this is not a “regular treasure”, nor is it “Yuebao second generation”, just a balance-oriented Ordinary insurance wealth management products of Bao users. In fact, last year, a number of insurance companies packaged universal insurance into wealth management products for publicity, frequently using the words “guaranteed guarantee” and “expected annualized rate of return”. According to industry insiders, Alipay is still over-promoting this product and has the meaning of playing the ball. Netizens are obviously not coming to the bottom of the "guarantee minimum annualized rate of 2.5%", because the current one-year fixed interest rate is mostly up to 3.30%. At the same time, the data shows that the investment yield of insurance in 2013 was only 5.04%, which is the highest level in four years. In addition, from the current announcement of the universal insurance settlement rate, the large-scale settlement of the January 2014 universal insurance settlement rate announced by the large-scale and Life Insurance is only 4%. Internet financial supervision is about to be introduced Internet companies have a wave of wealthy product yield competitions that have caused excessive publicity and edge-balling. Last year, Baifa, a wealth management product launched by Baidu United Fund Corporation, was verified by the China Securities Regulatory Commission for propagating 8% of the rate of return. At the beginning of this year, several meters and Tiantian Fund received a notice of rectification from the local CSRC due to over-promotional language. People familiar with the matter said the central bank is working with regulators, securities and insurance regulators to develop strategies to protect customer information from theft or misuse, and to ensure that online investment products fully disclose risks and prohibit illegal financing activities. According to the source, regulators worry that investors are not clear where their money is going, and they also bear the risk of personal information being stolen. However, "the current regulatory goal is not to suppress the field, but to cultivate its healthy development." According to the statement of the "Notice on Strengthening Shadow Supervision Related Issues" (referred to as "No. 107 Document") issued at the end of last year, supervision For the first time, the layer incorporated Internet finance into the shadow category and clarified the centrality of the central bank. "No. 107 Document" pointed out that "there is no clear definition of the main body of supervision, and research is urgently carried out. Among them, third-party wealth management and non-financial institutions, asset securitization, and online financial activities, etc., will be jointly studied and formulated by the relevant departments." Internet giants "Valentine's Day" After WeChat launched Li Caitong against Yu'ebao, Tencent once again "respected" and also chose to launch "Definite Po" on February 14. “Definitely Possession” is actually the China Securities Tengan Value 100 Index-type sponsored securities investment fund. At present, the index base has been listed, and the industry calls it the first Internet stock fund.