Investment insurance knowledge inventory

Political risk insurance refers to the investment listed by the insured in the insurance contract. Due to war, similar acts of war, rebellion, strikes and riots, the relevant government departments requisition or confiscation, the relevant government departments limit the competition, etc., so that they are insured. The insurance company shall be liable for compensation if the person cannot suffer losses due to reasons such as the remittance of the remittance that the insured may own and remitted according to the investment contract. The liability shall not exceed the amount of insurance specified in the insurance contract.

Investment insurance usually stipulates the following liability exemption: the insured's investment project is damaged and causes all the quotient of the insured to be lost; the insured and its representatives violate or fail to perform the investment contract or intentional illegal act, resulting in the expropriation of the relevant government departments or Losses caused by confiscation; losses caused by nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs, etc. caused by nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs, etc.; Loss and so on.

The insurance amount of investment insurance is generally 90% of the investment amount. The insurance period is divided into two periods: one year and two years. After the expiration of one year, the period can be renewed, but the conditions are negotiable.

The insurance premium rate for investment insurance is divided into two according to the term structure: the long-term rate is lower than the one-year rate, and the one-year annual rate is usually higher. Insurance premiums are pre-paid at the beginning of the current year's insurance and are settled once a year.

Indemnity treatment clause for investment insurance stipulates: investment losses caused by expropriation and confiscation by relevant government departments shall be compensated after 6 months of requisition and confiscation; investment projects caused by war, similar acts of war, rebellion, strikes and riots The loss shall be compensated after the property damage certificate is filed or after the insured investment project is terminated for 6 months;

The investment loss caused by the exchange restriction of the relevant government department shall be compensated after the insured has applied for remittance for 3 months; When a person's investment under the investment contract listed in the policy has a loss within the scope of insurance liability, the insurer pays the amount according to the amount of the investment and the amount of the insurance. When the requisitioned or confiscated funds are recovered, the insured and the insurer shall share the proportion of their respective losses.

All disputes between the insured and the insurer should be settled through friendly negotiation based on the principle of seeking truth from facts, fairness and reasonableness. If it cannot be resolved through negotiation, arbitration or litigation is required. The place of arbitration or litigation is usually at the location of the defendant.

The above is the knowledge of investment insurance that we introduce to you. The author believes that the purchase of investment insurance will transfer the investment funds due to external factors, effectively reduce the risk of investment and better protect the rights and interests of investors.