Have a room or a car to quickly apply for a short-term worki

I. Definition of short-term revolving loan

A service product specially designed for short-term capital turnover needs from one to six months. The materials are complete, approved on the same day, and can be released the next day. The procedure is simpler, faster, and the repayment method is more flexible. The applicant's individual or business must own the property or vehicle in the area.

II. Term, number

1. January-June;

2. The maximum amount of mortgage is 70% of the evaluation price of the RV.

III. Application conditions

1. Natural person with ID card, age 22-60;

2. Ability to stabilize occupation, stability and pay the principal and interest on time;

3. Real estate or vehicle with property rights;

4. Procedure Complete, the vehicle can handle the mortgage registration procedures, and the property can be circulated.

In recent years, unsecured car loans have been popular, and more and more young people are paying attention to short-term loans. However, applying for a non-car loan is subject to certain conditions. Only those who meet the demand can successfully apply for a car unsecured loan. Below, Hengxing Weiye elaborates on the relevant knowledge of short-term revolving loans for non-cars.

Clients: Vehicles are full-license vehicles, which require daily use of vehicles, privacy, short-term funding needs, and reputable customers.

Advantages: After the customer has gone through the mortgage procedure, the vehicle can continue to be used. The loan amount can be up to 70% of the vehicle valuation.

Application conditions:

1. Applicant owns the license to mortgage the vehicle ownership;

2. Long-term residence or work;

3. Can provide motor vehicle registration certificate, driving license, purchase additional tax (this), purchase invoice, insurance policy , vehicle and vessel tax, imported vehicle certification and other information;

4, the borrower is the owner of the car, and has a second-generation ID card (non-Beijing account customers provide temporary residence permit or residence permit).

If your car is a foreign license, you can apply for a car mortgage loan for one hour; if your car is a mortgage vehicle, you can apply for a mortgage loan from the bank and let it go the next day. In short, as long as you have a car or a room, the loan will no longer be a problem.