What are the classifications of corporate loans? What are th

What are the classifications of corporate loans? What are the conditions for applying for loans?

What is the corporate loan?

Usually, in order to meet the needs of production and operation or to ease the deadlock on the money, the company will set the relevant interest rates to relevant financial institutions such as banks. The term loan is a company loan.

What kinds of corporate loans are

? At present, the company's loans include mobile money loans, fixed assets loans, credit loans, secured loans, stock pledge loans, foreign exchange pledge loans, unit time deposit certificates, gold pledge loans, syndicated loans, bank acceptance bills. Bank discounted bills discount, commercial acceptance bill discount, buyer or agreement coupon discount, recourse factoring, export tax rebate account custody, etc.

The most common is corporate credit loans. It means that the company loan application does not need to provide mortgage, and the bank lends money according to the company's credit. However, corporate credit is determined by credit rating agencies' credit investigations, credit analysis and credit modeling. According to the term of the loan, it is divided into short-term loans, medium-term loans and long-term loans. Generally, the company has been established for more than three years, and the company that has opened more than 1.5 million in the past six months can apply, and can also customize the appropriate loan plan according to its own operation mode and cash flow status.

What are the basic conditions for a company loan application

1. The applicant company must be approved by the state administrative department to register, hold a business license;

2. The applicant company has the right to independently engage in production, loan product circulation and other business activities. Independent business money, independent financial plans and accounting statements, relying on their own compensation for expenses, independently planning profit and loss, independent signing of foreign sales contracts;

3, the application company has a certain amount of their own money;

4, the application company Comply with the laws and regulations and bank credit and settlement management regulations, and open basic accounts and general deposit accounts in banks according to regulations;

5. The products produced by the applicant company are available;

6. Apply for the company's production and operation to be effective;

7. The applicant company does not crowd out the credit money;

8. The applicant company abides by credit;

Additional conditions include:

1. The applicant company has the ability to repay the principal and interest on time, that is, the original loan payable And interest has been repaid, no repayment has been done to repay bank approved plan;

2, the applicant company by the administrative department for the annual inspection procedures;

3, the applicant company in line with the bank's asset-liability ratio requirements.

Therefore, it is very necessary for the operating enterprise to prepare in advance. In view of the conditions of the above company loans, the company should fully understand before applying for the loan, and when it is needed, it should be detailed to the local lending institution, so that it will be more Make sure you can successfully get the loan.