How can I apply for a loan loan in Taobao?

Recently, some netizens asked where the Taobao loan was applied. How to apply for Taobao loan? How long does the Taobao loan arrive? How long is the Taobao loan loan time? It is understood that Taobao loan is divided into Taobao order loan and Taobao credit loan. Their respective application methods are different. Xiaobian is here to give you a simple explanation, I hope to help friends who have this doubt.

One: Taobao order loan operation is simple, you can easily get the loan in 2 steps:

(1) Fill in the loan information: In this step, you can choose whether you need automatic loan according to your needs, when you fill in all the personal information. Then go to the next step.

A. Do not check "Automatically apply for a loan": that is, only apply this time.

B. Check "Automatically apply for a loan": that is, you choose to apply for a loan automatically. In the next 60 days, you will be asked to apply for a loan every day (based on the results of the system review on the day).

(2) Confirm the loan content: In this step, you can refer to the maximum loan amount displayed on the page and enter the amount of funds that you actually need. After confirming the loan contract and entering the Alipay password, we will pass the funds through review. It will be issued to your Alipay account within 3 minutes.

The application for Taobao credit loan is also very easy. Enter me is the seller-store management-Taobao loan, click here to enter the loan page, click the loan button:

(1) Fill in the personal information: you need to fill in all the information when you apply for the first time, personal information page With automatic save function, you do not need to re-fill when re-purchasing;

(2) Fill in the application loan quota and use period;

(3) Determine the loan.

Two: How long does Taobao loan get?

It is understood that you see the loan application amount on the page, submit the loan application, confirm Alipay payment password, usually about 3 minutes Taobao credit loan will arrive at the store transaction Alipay (loan is paid to Alipay) After that, I start to calculate interest on a daily basis.)

Extended reading: What is the difference between Taobao credit loan and order loan?

Taobao credit loan is a pure credit, unsecured, unsecured loan product launched by “Ant Micro Loan”.

From loan application, loan review, loan issuance to loan recovery, all take online network mode operation. Compared to order loans, credit loans will refer to the comprehensive data of your store.

Taobao order loans are more inclined to consider your current "seller has shipped" valid orders to calculate your credit line.