Automated mortgages solve your financial problems quickly an

With the change of people's consumption concept, the car seems to be moving towards the most forward-looking field. You can't misunderstand, not to say that the price of used cars is skyrocketing, but its role is expanding. The reason is that it is In addition to the synonym of “transfer tool”, it has become a trick for car owners to overcome the financial problems. However, many people know that cars depreciate quickly and consume a lot of money, so it is difficult for banks to find traces of car mortgage loans. Then, we will turn our attention to the radical private short-term loan market. Today, we will learn about the advantages and knowledge of the vehicle mortgage loan of Hengxing Weiye Loan Company.

Car mortgage loan four major advantages:

1, the threshold is low

Because of the car as a mortgage, the lending institution's original lack of security has returned, the normal recovery of loan funds is also a confidence multiplier, winning in the grip, in this context Naturally, it will not set too much for the borrower’s personal qualifications. Therefore, it is undoubtedly a wise move for people who are worried about personal credit and whose work is not stable, to bypass the credit loan, the “passer” and go straight to the vehicle mortgage loan market.

2, the amount is quite high

In addition, unlike the credit loan amount is assessed according to the borrower, the amount of car mortgage loan is determined by the vehicle evaluation value, so the amount will be more convenient to meet your capital needs. Take Hengxing Weiye as an example, the loan amount is up to 90% of the vehicle evaluation value. If you have good credit, you can provide a credit report and bank water flow for half a year. You can increase the credit limit by 30% on the basis of the original amount. To the vehicle evaluation value of 110%, in addition, if there is a property under my name, the loan amount can continue to be added, up to 150% of the assessed value. Of course, some users may have doubts: Will the vehicle evaluation value be low? In fact, the evaluation value is basically the same as the second-hand price.

3, approval and quick

In addition to high quotas and easy application, the approval is also a highlight that cannot be ignored. As long as the source of the vehicle is formal and legal, and the household registration and license plate are not limited, the owner can obtain the loan funds on the same day, and the loan can be released within 30 minutes. Of course, the owner of the license can also choose to only take the procedure without parking. Just install GPS in the car, which is convenient for the lending institution to track your vehicle and continue to drive the vehicle to enjoy the convenience of travel.

4. Repayment flexibility

Different from credit loan, it needs to return the principal and interest on a monthly basis. The vehicle mortgage loan has a flexible repayment method, which can effectively reduce the pressure on the owner to repay the loan, and only pay interest on a monthly basis. can.

Borrower requirements: valid identification, full civil capacity, repayment ability;

Application information: relevant procedures for the borrower's ID card and vehicle;

Loan interest rate: monthly interest rate 3%-5%;

loan term : 1-6 months, expiration can be continued;

Loan process: telephone - take the procedure to drive to the company interview - assess the value of the vehicle - agree on the loan and sign the contract - the car loan.