Introduce the detailed process of buying a home mortgage loa

Introducing the detailed process of buying a home mortgage loan to buy a house

After signing the contract for the purchase of a house and obtaining the certificate of payment of the house payment, the buyer will sign the “Building Mortgage Mortgage Contract” with the developer and the bank to specify the mortgage loan. Amount, term, interest rate, repayment method and other rights and obligations.

1. First sign a house sale contract with the developer;

2. According to the information requested by the developer: the household registration certificate, ID card, copy of the marriage certificate, and the certificate issued by the company with the company seal (developer office) The proof format of the bank is handed over to the developer;

3. After the bank approves the notice and the bank signs, it is completed.

A mortgage loan is a personal housing loan business in which a home buyer provides a phased guarantee for a real estate company that is mortgaged by the purchased home and purchased by the house. Among the mortgage loans, people are most concerned about the conditions and procedures. The first thing to do is to provide the information required for the mortgage loan:

1. The identity card of the applicant and the spouse, the original copy of the account and 3 copies (if the applicant and the spouse do not belong to the same account) A separate marriage certificate is required).

2. The original purchase agreement.

3. The original and one copy of the prepayment receipt of 30% or more of the room rate.

4. Applicant's family certification materials and relevant assets certificates, including payroll, personal income tax payment, certificate issued by the unit, bank deposit slip, etc.

5. One copy of the developer's account number.

Its loan procedures and procedures are like this.

First, please go to the bank to find out about the situation. And apply for relevant personal housing loans for relevant information.

Then accept the bank's review of you and determine the loan amount.

Next, you can apply for a loan contract, and the bank will act as insurance. Handle mortgage registration and notarization.

The last thing left is the bank's loan, the borrower's monthly repayment and the cancellation of registration after paying off the principal and interest.

After the above procedures and procedures, you can get a new house through mortgage. Through the above, you should have a deeper understanding of the mortgage, and understand the related matters of handling the loan, I hope that the mortgage key will open more doors for you, me, and his new house.