Can I buy a affordable housing?

It is understood that the purchase of affordable housing can be loaned. However, since the affordable housing within 5 years is a limited property right, the purchaser only has “ownership” and there is no “land use right”. As a result, bank credit security will not be guaranteed. Therefore, banks will not issue loans for affordable housing within five years.

And after obtaining full property rights for affordable housing for more than 5 years, it can be purchased by loan. The premise of the bank's loan is mainly based on the property rights of the mortgaged house, so that even if bad debts occur, the bank is easier to handle. Therefore, as long as you purchase an affordable housing that has obtained full property rights, buyers who meet the purchase conditions can apply for a loan.

Generally speaking, the loan for the affordable housing of the borrower may not be higher than the housing value assessed by the real estate appraisal agency or 70% of the actual house purchase cost;

loan term: 1-20 years.

Loan interest rate: According to the relevant regulations of the bank.

After signing a house subscription with the developer, the buyer can apply for a loan with the subscription book to the loan bank. After the bank has passed the preliminary examination, the bank will go to the bank's designated law firm to review the personal repayment ability. After the bank has passed the preliminary examination, The client must also sign a formal purchase contract with the developer, pay the down payment, and complete the “Personal Certificate” (which can be issued by the personnel and labor department of the work unit). After the above content is reviewed by the lawyer, the lawyer issues the legal opinion. 》. In addition, the lender must also purchase the property insurance from the insurance company designated by the bank (the time is the same as the loan term). After the above items are completed, the borrower can sign a loan and mortgage contract with the bank, and then the bank will directly transfer the money into the developer account, and the borrower will return the principal and interest of the loan on a monthly basis.