What is the process of handling a personal housing portfolio

The loan interest rate of

commercial loans is too high, but the loan amount of the housing provident fund is not enough. What should I do if I encounter such problems? I don’t have to worry about applying for a personal housing portfolio loan. However, many people are not very familiar with the process of handling personal housing portfolio loans. Today, Xiaobian will introduce it to you.

1. The loan application is accepted. The borrower submits a written loan application and submits relevant information, which is then accepted by the bank and submitted to the housing provident fund management department.

2. Loan approval. The housing provident fund management department approves the loan.

3. Sign the loan contract. After the approval of the housing provident fund management department, the bank informs the borrower to sign the loan contract and guarantee contract, and handle the mortgage registration and other necessary procedures.

4. Issue a loan. The borrower must come to the bank to fill in the loan transfer certificate, and the bank will transfer the loan fund to the borrower's account for sale in ICBC once or in batches according to the loan contract.

5. Repayment on schedule. After the loan is issued, the borrower must return the principal and interest of the loan in accordance with the repayment plan and repayment method agreed upon in the contract.

6. Contract changes. During the execution of the contract, the borrower may submit an application for change of the loan term, repayment method, and early repayment to the bank or housing fund management department. After the approval, the bank will handle the contract change procedure for the borrower.

7. The loan is settled. The bank issues a "loan settlement certificate" for the borrower, the borrower retrieves the mortgage registration certificate and other documents, and goes to the original mortgage registration department to handle the mortgage registration and cancellation procedures.