National Student Loan Network introduces application conditi

National Student Loan Network introduction application conditions and required information is:

1. Loan application conditions

1. Fully civil capacity (minors must be issued a written consent form by their legal guardian);

2. Have valid residence ID card;

3, in line with the lender's learning and standards of conduct, no bad credit behavior;

4, the school and the bank signed a silver school agreement;

5, there is a referrer recommended, and a witness to their identity Provide written proof;

6. Affirm that the loaner may announce his name, identity card number and default in the higher education institution or related media he or she has not approved for the loan overdue for one year.

2. Loan application data

The borrower applying for the national student loan should submit a written loan application to the lender and fill out the relevant application form, and submit the following documents, certificates and materials:

1. Original and photocopy of the valid residence ID card

2. Admission notice and copy of student enrollment and student ID and copy of the school;

3. Proof of tuition and living expenses and student living expenses during the study period of the school;

4. Opened in the loan bank Personal savings or credit card account;

5. A letter of recommendation from the school and a certificate of consent to enjoy a 50% discount on the national student loan.