Tell you what is investment link insurance

In recent years, investment-type insurance products have become more and more popular with people because of their dual functions of insurance protection and investment and wealth management. Currently, investment-based insurance products sold on the market are mainly dividend insurance, universal life insurance and investment-linked insurance.

Generally speaking, the investment return of investment-type insurance products is related to the investment income or business performance of insurance companies. If the insurance company has good operating efficiency, the insured may get better returns.

However, dividend insurance, universal life insurance, and investment-linked insurance have large differences in protection, income, and risk. Which one is suitable for their own needs? In fact, there is only one truth - only the right one. The so-called "right" is suitable for both the risk tolerance and the essential needs of insurance.

Revenue first - investment is more secure

There is already a relatively stable financial arrangement, which is relatively rich or has certain savings. Investors with risk-taking ability are more suitable to insure investment-linked products.

The outstanding feature of investment-linked products is that there is no concept of a predetermined interest rate for the policy. The value of the policy is fully reflected in the investment income, and a portfolio account with different risk levels can be established.

The investment risk is borne by the customer. If the account funds are operated successfully, it is possible to obtain a very high return. If the investment is unfavorable, the insured must bear the corresponding losses. Therefore, it is necessary to fully prepare for risk taking before choosing a product for investment.

Of course, if you look at the investment returns of the products and do not want to bear too high investment risks, you can also choose a portfolio with lower risk according to your risk tolerance.