Domestic insurance accident insurance premium is the key

Domestic travel, the insurance required is relatively simple. Therefore, the insured amount and premium are the primary criteria for selecting travel accident insurance.

In terms of cost performance, Dubang Junxing Travel Accident Insurance is undoubtedly the most recommended product. If you are insured by Youbao, you can get a considerable discount. For example, 100,000 deaths/disability 10,000 accident insurance medical insurance coverage for 3 days, the original price is 10.4, only 3.7 after discount.

Dubang Junxing is very flexible in terms of the amount of insurance. The death/disability and accidental injuries can be combined between 10,000 and 300,000. Take the 3-day warranty as an example. If it is 300,000 deaths / For 10,000 accidental injuries, it is 9.6. If it is 300,000 deaths/disability + 300,000 accidental injuries, it is 28.9, which is estimated to be 0.203 per 10,000 deaths/disability; 0.666.

It is worth pointing out that Dubang Junxingjian is one of the few tourist accident insurances that support 1 hour. It is a good way to save for those who want to insure before leaving.

In terms of price, the travel accident insurance is also slightly more expensive than DuPont Junxing, and it is also quite competitive in terms of price. The same is 100,000 deaths/disability 10,000 accidental injuries. You can enjoy a 40% discount on online registered members. The actual cost is only 4, which is 0.3 more expensive than DuPont's 3.7. If it is 300,000 Therefore, the accident/disability 10,000 accidental injury medical treatment is 11, which is 1.4 more than the DuPont.

However, in the maximum amount of insurance, the travel accident insurance has considerable advantages, and it can provide up to 1 million death/disability protection for adults, which is not only higher than the 300,000 of DuPont Junxingjian, compared to general tourism. The limit of 500,000 accident insurance products is also doubled, which is undoubtedly a more suitable choice for insurers who need high security.

Due to the large number of companies that introduce travel insurance, visitors can also get more protection by purchasing multiple companies' travel insurance. However, in addition to the death claims can be superimposed between a number of insurance companies, the medical expenses, flight delays, etc. that are generally covered in travel insurance cannot be superimposed.

That is to say, even if a tourist purchases a plurality of company's travel insurance, he can only obtain compensation from one of the insurance companies in terms of medical expenses, and can only obtain multiple compensations in the case of death.