Home mortgages let you spend no money on Chinese New Year

With the general improvement of people's living standards and consumer awareness, the people's desire for large-volume consumption and consumption is also coming after buying a house, buying a car, traveling abroad, and it is inevitable that it is difficult to raise large sums of money at the moment. How to deal with such a tough problem? What kind of financing means can be used to overcome the difficulties? At this time, the emergence of the mortgage business has undoubtedly solved the urgent needs of the people. Since the bank launched the mortgage loan business, it has been well received by the public, and the people's awareness of this business is gradually increasing.

Individuals applying for loans from banks can have unsecured wage loans (such as personal entrepreneurial loans), mortgage active credit loans (ie mortgage homeowners/owners unsecured loans), mortgage home loans and other forms. Why do you want to introduce mortgage loans alone? This is mainly because banks and foreign banks generally believe that personal mortgages are high-quality assets and are recognized as the best profitable projects in the banking sector; therefore, banks are in the process of lending, loan interest rates, and maturities. Compared with other forms of loans, there are great discounts, which will be more beneficial to the lender. Mortgage rates usually fluctuate between 15% and 30% of the national benchmark rate, with a loan period of up to 10 years (some banks can borrow for 20 years). In the process of handling mortgage loans, the bank shall evaluate the collateral and assess the credit status of the borrower. The amount of the loan is determined by the assessed value of the collateral and the credit of the borrower.

Materials required for mortgaged housing loans:

1. Real estate license and assessment report;

2. Identity card and account book of rights holder and spouse;

3. Marriage certificate of the right holder (marriage certificate or unmarried certificate issued by the Civil Affairs Bureau) ;

4, proof and more than 6 months of running water;

5, other materials specified by the loan bank.

Note: In order to improve the loan pass rate and loan amount, please provide as much proof of other property as the family (such as other real estate licenses, stocks, funds, cash passbooks, vehicle driving licenses, etc.).

Home mortgage loans, all the installments of houses can be rented, mortgage houses, installment houses and other types of houses in the surrounding areas. Customers who are in a hurry to use money can lend money on the same day, and then help you make bank loans, bank loans, we only charge you a loan service fee to help you lend to the bank, no charge is not successful.