How many years is it worthwhile to purchase a home loan?

In recent years, buying a house with a loan has become a helpless move for many homebuyers to cope with high housing prices. Buying a house is a big deal, and any small details in it can affect your home purchase costs, such as the length of the loan, the way you pay back. Then, how many years is it worth buying a house loan? How many years is it suitable to buy a house loan?

How many years of mortgage, mainly from the following two aspects:

First, family

In fact, the choice of loan years should be based on the family, personal housing mortgage month The ratio of contributions to households' monthly disposables is preferably controlled at 28% to 35%. Generally speaking, the shorter the loan period, the less interest the borrower pays to the bank, but the higher the monthly repayment amount, the greater the repayment pressure; on the contrary, the longer the loan period, the borrower pays The higher the total interest of the bank, but the monthly repayment amount will be reduced and the repayment pressure will be reduced accordingly.

Therefore, how many years to choose as the length of the loan is mainly determined by the family level. The general principle is to ensure that sufficient living expenses are left outside the monthly repayment, that is, to ensure that the repayment ability is slightly, and if it is too tight, it is easy to affect the borrower's personal credit record.

Although the 30-year loan has the most interest expenses, if the borrower is not high and stable, it is still suitable for long-term loans, so that the monthly supply burden is small. If the loan period is shortened, the monthly repayment pressure is high, and it may be Affect normal life.

Second, the cost of capital

To choose the loan period, we must also consider the borrower's capital cost. For those who have investment channels, long-term loans are more favorable, and they can invest in free funds. The return on investment is enough to repay long-term loans and have a surplus. For those who do not make other investments besides repaying loans, it is better to first consider avoiding excessive interest payments.