Last year, the universal insurance income was bleak and care

However, many of the industry insiders interviewed reminded consumers that the first thing to buy insurance is to protect. Insurance does have certain financial management functions. Many insurance products can satisfy consumers' gains while obtaining certain benefits, but not Excessively value the yield of insurance products, and blindly compare the yield of insurance products with other wealth management products.

In the past 2012, there was not much to be happy about the performance of the entire capital market. Insurance companies have suffered “double bond” and have exerted tremendous pressure on the annual investment yield. The income from dividend insurance, investment-linked insurance and universal insurance is also not satisfactory.

From the perspective of the whole year, insurance companies generally lowered the monthly settlement rate of universal insurance. Only the insurance insurance interest rates of a few insurance companies such as Life Insurance, Kunlun Health, Life Insurance, Life Insurance and Life Insurance have increased and increased in the second half of the year. The range is between 0.2 and 0.5 percentage points.

As of January 4, 2013, 17 insurance companies have announced the annualized settlement rate of universal insurance in December last year. The annualized settlement rate of the stable Baofeng Insurance account is the highest, at 5.25%. Life Insurance Financial Annuity Insurance (Universal) Account, Life Wealth Growth 666 Lifetime Life Insurance Aggressive Account has an annualized settlement rate of 5.2%.

Another health insurance nursing insurance has an annualized settlement rate of 5%. The annualized settlement rates of the remaining products are not high. For example, the annualized settlement rate of the flexible financial (five-year) account in December last year was only 2.5%, which was only maintained at the minimum guaranteed rate.

Even the annualized settlement rates of different universal insurance products of the same insurance company are quite different. For example, the annualized settlement rate of Life Insurance's Baofeng account in December 2012 was 5.25%, while the annualized settlement rate of Life Plus's December was only 3.4%.

Life Insurance The annualized settlement rate of U Annuity Insurance in December last year was 5.2%, while the annualized settlement rate of Life Insurance Shuangquan Insurance in December last year was only 3.95%.

The income situation of investment-linked insurance is closely related to the market. According to Warburg Securities Research, its aggressive investment-linked insurance index is very consistent with the trend of the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index, and the overall trend is downward. The average return on investment accounts available for data from June 2012 to November 2012 was -1.70%, -2.02%, -2.14%, 1.35%, -0.3%, and -3.95%, respectively, with large fluctuations.

From the perspective of specific accounts, from the beginning of last year to the end of November last year, the radical investment account received positive growth, positive growth, aggressiveness and selection. The hybrid investment account has 14 accounts including balance type, and the mixed aggressive investment account has 6 accounts including proliferative type.

Through the visit, we found that the dividend insurance that used to be a smash hit also suffered from sales pressure, and the investment income was not the main reason for the financial products.

The settlement income of universal insurance last year was very bleak, but there are still 4 universal insurance settlement rates exceeding 5%, which is undoubtedly a happy thing. But we must remind consumers that the annualized settlement rate of universal insurance products is not equal to the rate of return.