Financial management "security margin: dividend insurance i

[Abstract] In 2010, dividends began to be popular, especially in many insurance companies, which used dividend insurance as the company's main product, as the leader in driving premiums. When the cow was

, he entered blindly; after the bear, he felt pain. Many people have experienced the ups and downs of the conversion of the bulls and bears and began to look for the "safety margin" of financial management. Capital preservation has become a new financial management for many people.

focus on the "safety" index

Mr. Song in 2006 with 400,000 funds into. In the stock market all the way, Mr. Song's value during the peak period is as high as 2 million. After taste the sweetness, Mr. Song not only did not fall into the bag, but raised his psychological goals again. Unexpectedly, people are not as good as days, the financial turmoil hit, dragging the stocks to bear, Mr. Song not only lost the previous income, and even the principal has shrunk. After some ups and downs, Mr. Song’s financial enthusiasm has not changed, but “luxury” has greatly converged, and “guaranteed-type” wealth management products are the main choice.

Mr. Song is not a case. According to a survey released by Life recently, Baoben wealth management products are becoming the new favorite of the public. According to the survey, half of the respondents indicated that they would purchase guaranteed products in the next six months, 32% prefer products that can be invested on a monthly basis, and 29% plan to buy products with lower risks.

"guarantee money management" popular

and people's financial management concept change, insurance companies take into account the "guarantee" dividend insurance has become the new favorite of the financial market. According to the statistics of the insurance industry in the first two months of 2010, among the investment-type insurance types, the once-in-a-lifetime investment insurance and universal insurance premiums have been greatly reduced, and the dividend insurance has been leaping forward, with a ratio of nearly 80% of the total premium. Overwhelming victory.

Take life insurance, life insurance and life insurance as an example. According to the data, in February 2010, the universal insurance premiums for life, life and life insurance were 687 million, 5.44 billion and 0.7 billion respectively, down 16.17% and 63.03% respectively. 28.35%. The premiums for the new insurance premiums of the three companies were 24.936 billion, 3.918 billion and 7.4 billion, respectively, up 75.55%, 87.29% and 20.03% respectively.

is on the scene, dividend insurance has also become the main insurance of various insurance companies. In January 2010, in the 6.2 billion channel sales, the growth rate of dividend insurance, investment-linked insurance and universal insurance exceeded 50%. Among them, dividend insurance was nearly 4.9 billion, a significant increase of 3 billion from 1.9 billion in the same period last year. Dividend insurance has become the leader of many insurance companies to drive premiums and run fast.

Life Insurance Branch said that the “Xi Yang Yang” dividend-type annuity products will exceed 100 million in sales within the last 7 days. The life branch also revealed that the total sales of its dividend insurance in the first quarter was nearly 300 million in size premiums, while the investment-linked insurance that was highly sought after in the previous two years stopped selling.

Concept return to rationality

For this change of financial management, experts from Life Branch and Life Branch pointed out that the capital field is increasingly globalized, and in many favorable circumstances, the capital field continues to oscillate, which itself indicates that the field tends to be rational. In the general environment, the investment concept of the common people has returned to the safe and stable growth of the principal from the previous pursuit of high-risk and high returns. “In this case, the insurance company introduces a dividend-paying product with both protection functions and benefits, which is not only the requirement for the insurance industry to return to the protection, but also the financial needs of insurance customers.” Expert analysis. However, experts also reminded that it is not appropriate to regard dividend insurance as a “replacement” for savings.

“Currently, due to the low interest rates on deposits, some investors use dividend insurance as a substitute for savings.” Experts point out that this concept is not correct. Experts remind that dividend insurance is mostly linked to life insurance, major illness insurance and other security products. The investment income is uncertain. If the insurance company is not in good operating condition, the investment yield will be lower than the one-year deposit rate, so investors It is not advisable to use dividend insurance as a substitute for savings.

In addition, experts pointed out that dividend insurance is generally divided into investment and security categories, and the insured should choose from their own actual situation. The protection function of investment-type dividend insurance is relatively weak, and it is not possible to attach various health insurance or major disease protection; the protection-type dividend insurance products are consistent with the functions of traditional insurance products, and dividends are only incidental functions. Therefore, those who focus on the protection needs can choose some protection-type dividend insurance products with longer insurance period and stronger protection function, instead of over-representing the short-term rate of return; and stable and short-term insurance plans without large expenditure plans. People, buying investment-type dividends is a good choice.