What are the consequences of repaying corporate loans?

Netizen's company has 4 loans to be repaid this year, but the company is unable to repay due to poor management. At the time of the loan, the basic information of another company was used. If you don’t pay the money, will it affect another company. Now what if the corporate loan can’t be repaid? What will happen?

If the bank is serious about criminal liability, it’s generally civil, you are not on, bank chase Union money, you re-join the money.

For the bank loan can not be repaid, the bank will take measures to try to reduce losses.

A collection loan will be made when the arrears are overdue;

is overdue for more than 90 days and file a lawsuit with the court:

(1) According to the loan contract and the guarantee contract (mortgage or pledge contract), the loan bank will sue the court and the court will take Measures such as property preservation, including freezing deposits on all bank accounts of lenders and loan guarantors, and seizing property that has been pledged.

(2) After the judgment is passed, the property will be enforced according to law (deducting deposits, auctioning pledges, etc.) to pay off the bank's loan losses.

(3) Specifically includes: loan principal, loan interest, overdue interest and penalty interest, and all litigation costs arising therefrom, and the related expenses incurred in the disposal of mortgage (pledge) materials.

Credit will be affected. If the company is the borrower, your company will be recorded in the bank credit system, and the loan in the name of the individual will also be recorded in the personal credit system.