Taobao loan is what is the loan term of Taobao loan

1. Taobao loan is a financing product for Taobao sellers operated by ant micro-loan. It aims to help many small enterprises and entrepreneurs solve financing problems through the Internet and data operation mode, promote their own entrepreneurship, promote enterprise development and create more. More employment opportunities.

Generally speaking, the Taobao loan service is designed to solve the financing difficulties of Taobao shop owners; the order loan is one of the products of Taobao loan, the main service target is the seller of Taobao. As long as the seller currently has the order of “seller has shipped”, You can apply for a loan and the loan you get will be paid directly to the seller's Alipay account. The Taobao loan was provided by Baba's Baba Microfinance Co., Ltd. to provide loan funds. At present, a credit loan has just been launched, and it can be applied only by the reputation of Taobao.

Second, in the online shopping today, many young people's entrepreneurial dreams fall on the role of Taobao sellers. However, the first law of entrepreneurship is that the funds are sufficient, and many people have plans to apply for Taobao loans because of insufficient start-up funds. However, many people are puzzled. How long does the loan period for Taobao loans last?

Taobao loan is a financing product operated by Baba Finance for Taobao sellers, including order loans and credit loans. The loan amount is 1 to 1 million. .

The loan term of the order loan is 30 days, the loan interest rate is 0.05%/day, and the interest is calculated on a daily basis. The loan term of the credit loan is up to 12 months, and the loan interest rate is at least 0.05%/day, and the interest is calculated on a daily basis. If it is not repaid within this period, it will be counted as overdue.

However, since the system automatically repays the loan after the general order transaction arrives, the actual loan has been paid off before it expires.