Knowledge of personal loan repayment

In real life, no one can avoid the shortage of funds. Many people will naturally think of bank loans. In the process of loan, we will also encounter large and small problems. The following is the knowledge about personal loan repayments for your reference. I hope that everyone can avoid losses in the process of repayment, and at the same time obtain a method that is beneficial to them.

I. Even if the amount is repaid, the repayment amount will change to

. Even if the repayment is equal, the repayment amount will change. Many people have agreed on the loan repayment rate, and in order to facilitate the selection of equal repayment, each month. The money back should be the same. This is precisely a misunderstanding. In fact, the amount of repayment each year may be different. Home loan interest rates are generally determined by two factors: the benchmark interest rate and the preferential interest rate. If the base rate of the previous year is adjusted, the monthly repayment amount will be adjusted in the second year; if the interest rate of the previous year’s mortgage is adjusted, for example, from 30% to 20%, the monthly repayment amount will also be adjusted. An adjustment has occurred.

Second, how to choose a bank

If you need to repay in advance, for example, some banks agree that more than 20% are allowed to return, too harsh, it is best to choose a bank that can not repay the demanding requirements, compare, this 30% discount The line was only enjoyed by customers in February, and it received a high interest rate for one month; small banks are generally faster, but they need to have credit cards, etc. There is a difference between banks, so you need to choose a good one.